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Special Guest Appearance : Commander Jaspal Singh Khural

 (Retired) Former Naval Officer

Commander Jaspal Singh Khural is a retired naval officer who has transitioned into active engagement in social services. With a distinguished career in the Navy, he has amassed leadership skills, discipline, and a strong sense of service to his nation. Since retiring, Commander Khural has devoted his time and energy to various social initiatives, focusing on improving the lives of underserved communities. His dedication to serving society demonstrates a seamless transition from military service to meaningful contributions in the civilian sector. Through his social work, he continues to positively impact people’s lives and embodies the values of altruism and community service.

Preeti Rani

Founder/ President

Preeti Rani is the dedicated founder of Sai Educational Society, committed seven years to advancing education. Her tireless efforts and visionary leadership have shaped the organization’s growth and its impact on educational initiatives. Preeti Rani’s passion for education has driven innovative programs and empowered countless individuals, showcasing her unwavering commitment to fostering learning and development within the community. Through her dedication and perseverance, she continues to leave a positive mark on education and inspire others to follow suit.

Anjali Pokhriyal

Project Co-ordinator

Anjali Pokhriyal is a seasoned professional who has been an integral part of the Sai Educational Society for the past seven years. Her unwavering commitment to the organization’s mission and her collaborative work with Preeti for Education have significantly contributed to the society’s success and impact.

Amit Kumar

Vice President

Alka Rani

General Secretary

Deepak Kumar


Deepak Kumar


Sai Educational Society is a dedicated organization committed to advancing education and empowering learners.


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